Sharkey's Day

Submitted by la miller on 12 September, 2006 - 23:43
Sun's coming up. Like a big bald head. Poking up over the grocery store. It's Sharkey's day. It's Sharkey's day today. Sharkey wakes up and Sharkey says: There was this man... And there was this road...And if only I could remember these dreams... I know they're trying to tell me...something. Ooooeee. Strange dreams.(Strange dreams). Oh yeah. And Sharkey says: I turn around, it's fear. I turn around again, and it's love. Oh yeah. Strange dreams. And the little girls sing:Oooee Sharkey. And the manager says: Mr. Sharkey? He's not at his desk right now. Could I take a message? And the little girls sing:Oooeee Sharkey. He's Mister Heartbreak. They sing: Oooeee Sharkey. Yeah. He's Mister Heartbreak.


Submitted by la miller on 11 September, 2006 - 17:02

Wet. Wet. Wet.

Bam! ... If it isn't the end of summer....

Cold rain.


Mickey's Sept. 2, 2006

Submitted by la miller on 4 September, 2006 - 02:19

Pollyanna's playlist:

  • Madison Time - Ray Bryant Combo (with calls by Eddie Morrison)
  • Since You've Been Gone - Aretha Franklin
  • Summertime - McNeal & Niles
  • Mahlalela - Letta Mbulu
  • This Is My Last Affair - The Meters
  • I Don't Know Why (I Love You) - The Brand New Heavies
  • Untitled - McNeal & Niles
  • Jus Biz - Prefuse-73
  • On My Way (feat. Linn) - The 3 Foot People
  • Bohemia After Dark - Cannonball Adderly - Diamond D remix
  • Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) - Digable Planets

See Robin's [|playlist] on his [|blog]. (Be sure to check out the hot, old school snowboard shots.) Here's [|Adam's] posted on his [|blog].

where i am

Submitted by la miller on 28 August, 2006 - 13:32
laura nc

It is nice where I am. And while I keep nudging for some change, I had a good reminder this weekend of how fine it is just to be here.

I'm back ...

Submitted by la miller on 23 August, 2006 - 17:07
glen falls

... for today, at least, I'm back.

I posted photos from my last trip on my [|Flickr] page. It's been so long since my last post, I'm lucky to remember how to do this.

It's still summer, so I'll continue to stay off my computer as much as possible. Go outside and enjoy.


Submitted by la miller on 19 June, 2006 - 19:42
dj liftoff

Thanks to all who helped make the first ever JUST PARTY so fabulous. It was the realization of a long held fantasy to have DJs, a warehouse and a band come together for a chill evening of grooves, good friends and all the fun festive fixing.

And a big thank you to le garçon merveille for the [:files/|awesomest present....]