day trip

Submitted by la miller on 22 May, 2006 - 22:34
Boardwalk at Ferry Bluff on Wisconsin River

I took a beautiful day trip today, checking out spots around the Wisconsin River. A more perfect day, I could not have planned. Yet, there is a difference between planning and experiencing. I experiened the day as it was, not as I'd planned. How else could it be?

It was lovely.

More pictures [|here].

no job squirrel blog

Submitted by la miller on 2 May, 2006 - 22:43
squirrel horse

Not working gets you pictures like this on a Monday.

Or like [:selfportrait|this] ....

Or lets you attend a rally for [|immigrant workers' rights]. I've posted my pictures from yesterday over on my [|Flickr] page. Check them out.

A very special day

Submitted by la miller on 29 April, 2006 - 11:47

The show you've been waiting for: [|The Motor Primitives] and [|Ka-Boom!Box] at [|Revolution Cycles] Saturday, [[w:May 6]].

Not since June 2005, have these bands rocked the house together. Hot rock and cool electronic pop. More DJs than you can shake a bike pump at. And it's FREE, FREE, FREE. You can't have a better offer next Satuday. Come to the bike shop! Did I mention beer? (Goes without saying really.)

i'm back

Submitted by la miller on 29 April, 2006 - 11:37

Well, what was supposed to be a week's hiatus, turned into nearly a month's vacation from posting. Tragic since I'd just gotten Jesse to list this site over at [|Dane101].

It's time to get back to a regular posting schedule. And while not everyone is so enthusiastic about squirrel bloggin, I will continue with it until I have something even more trifling to photograph and write about.

And the [|band] has another [:node/166|gig] coming up. Be there or be forever regretful that you didn't get a chance to take a whack at a certain someone's inflated head. No, not me. But our dear leader in piñata form will be present for the festivities. Giddy-up and ride on over, partners.


Submitted by la miller on 13 April, 2006 - 15:32

What is it about black light at the bowling alley that makes life seem more fun?

I've finally posted on [|my flickr page] pictures from last Saturday's [|WORT] Bowl-a-thon at Villages Lanes. Check 'em out. Lots of bowling, three bands and beer. A good time ... but it's the glo that gets me.

strange day

Submitted by la miller on 12 April, 2006 - 12:21

It finally occured to me to disarm the [[w:Zapatista]] doll that stands on my bookshelf. (Meaning: I removed the black piece of wood that was held by her that represented a gun or represented another piece of wood representing a gun, since the EZLN was not a particularily well armed army.) But I only thought to do this this morning.


I put an image of Green Tara up next to the Zapatista and it was clearly wrong to have a Buddha image next to an armed doll. But what's really weird about this morning was that as I tied a scarf on my head, I heard gun shots and yelling outside. And I stopped and thought, "Did I just hear what I thought I heard?"