Macho Ratón

Submitted by la miller on 31 March, 2006 - 17:51
Quixote & the Macho Ratón, Jomy Amador

"The Macho Ratón -- Rascal Mouse, the black masked firgure to the right -- is the trickster and has the cleverest comments. In this painting, the fictional characters of [[w:Don Quixote]] and Sancho who satirized the Spanish culture, encounter the folkloric jesters who symbolized the resistance of the indigenous [[w:Nicaragua|Nicaraguan]] people." From the Nicaraguan Cultural Alliance and Quixote Center/Quest for Peace.

out like a lion

Submitted by la miller on 31 March, 2006 - 14:42

No real posts this week.... I'm on stimulus overload.

This has been my last week of work at the fabulous [|Center for Media and Democracy]. I have been so fortunate to have worked for the Center for the past five and a half years. I will miss my job as editor of PR Watch, but I know I'm leaving the publication and the Center in good hands. And I'm ready for a change of scene.

The [|Wisconsin Film Festival] kicked off last night. I was at the Orpheum where before I saw a movie, I and everyone else were catching up with several dozen of our closest friends whom we hadn't seen all winter. Hibernation time is over. Spring is here. I am happy for that.

1st squirrel blog of spring

Submitted by la miller on 23 March, 2006 - 22:35
squirrel in backyard
The ground is thawed. The squirrels are busy. It's time to think about planting. As I've grown older, I've come to appreciate the spring time more and more. With any luck, this will be my sixth spring to watch the backyard turn from brown, muddy patch to vibrant, green jungle. I am truly awed by and grateful for the change each year.

Seasonal change is so fundamental to life in the upper midwest. You would think it would feel more ordinary and predictable. Yet no one I know could deny how deeply they are effected by the transition from cold to warm.

I drempt about prowling last night. A sign my mind and body are stretching towards balmy nights, unfettered by hats and gloves and the cold north wind.

signs of spring

Submitted by la miller on 22 March, 2006 - 12:36
tulip shoots
tulip shoots next to house

Let's seem how well I can do this.... I had a dream this morning in which I was reading a long magazine article written by a woman who is older than me. It was very good and I was enjoying it a lot, although I can't now remember much what it was about. But I remember this: I came to a part in the article where she returns to where she went to college, which happens to also be where I went to college, to learn something about herself.

I thought, "How can she learn anything about who she was from students now so much younger than her and so different. The school is different -- new teachers and buildings. What kind of insight could that offer her?"

the labyrinth

Submitted by la miller on 20 March, 2006 - 12:57
The [[w:labyrinth]] in the the cathedral of [|Notre-Dame] at [[w:Chartres]] was constructed in about 1200.

I walked a labyrinth modeled on the one in Chartres this weekend. I found it quite provocative as a metaphor for moving through life. My friend Anne-Marie commented to me, "When you think you're close to the end, you're actually quite far; when you think you're far, you're almost there."

I was fascinated about how it wound around, bending here and there. I wasn't too interested in where I ended up, but liked how the view and perspective varied as I moved through it. My imagination was also engaged by how I was moving in relation to other people walking the labyrinth. More on this later.

so who's the biggest loser?

Submitted by la miller on 15 March, 2006 - 17:47

I don't watch much teevee. It's just who I am. Most of what I know about what's on teevee these days comes from flipping through the pages of [|Advertising Age]. I've even been known to utter remarks about commercials that go something like this: "Oh yeah, I read about this one in Ad Age just the other day. You know, [|Bob Garfield] gave it three-out-of-four stars."

Pathetic? Probably a little.