Sunny Wednesday squirrel blogging

Submitted by la miller on 22 February, 2006 - 15:09

Why, when there is so much going on in the world and even in my head, do I choose to post pictures of squirrels to the blog?

Sometimes all that I want to do is to look at a nice picture. I could post more pictures of the house cats, but that seems even too self-indulgent for me. ... So, let it be know that the political leadership of the United States is guilty of corruption, heavy-duty delusional thinking, and while we're at it, mass murder. Yuck. ... Just how far away are We from the detention camps? Am I? Are you? How far in days? Weeks? Months? How much freedom do we even have now?

Cold-weather sunset

Submitted by la miller on 20 February, 2006 - 12:32

The fridged patch of weather we've had over the past few days is ending. I'm tough, but zero degrees is tougher. Regardless of frozen pipes and frosty breath, the weekend was full and the snow is lovely.

I got in good walking last night. Clear, clear sky and bright stars over the frozen lake. Sunday night quiet streets. Intimate walk with boots crunching snow. Peaceful.

In the end, I was an artful, bar-time Olympian of the Wisconsin winter night. Presented with the yellow, low-slung half-moon rising with diamond Jupiter adorning her crown. I did my best to gracefully accept the honor of such a vision. But I know there's still more training to do.

Refrigerator as historical record

Submitted by la miller on 14 February, 2006 - 13:46

We finally are replacing our old dinosaur of a refrigerator -- a noisy, electricity-hogging artifact of the sixties. It's sad to see it go with all the beautiful stickers, pictures and artwork that have collected over the years.

We had a dedicated magnate helper, who removed nearly all of the magnates and pictures of herself and her friends. There are lots of memories stored among the layers of refrigerator detritus. But it's time to peel them away. Time for something that works better, is more efficient and has the freezer on the bottom. (Can you say easy kid access to popsicles?)

About Wittman

Submitted by la miller on 6 February, 2006 - 23:18
Wittman Ah Sing is a young Chinese-American hippie in San Francisco during the late sixties. Named after America's [w:Walt Whitman|quintessential poet], indominatbly garrulous and free-spirited, Wittman is a American as [w:James Dean]. Yet he also bears a striking resemblance to Monkey, the trickster-saint of Chinese legend who helped bring the Buddhist scriptures from India.

-- from the blurb on the back of [w:Maxine Hong Kingston]'s novel [|Tripmaster Monkey: his fake book]

Standing amok

Submitted by la miller on 6 February, 2006 - 21:42

I'm coming unglued, unhitched, unhinged. I've got that feeling that the ground beneath my feet may not fully be there as I expect it should. Space has more space in it. And there are extra figures and faces lurking at corners, popping up in unusual places.

I'm still feeling solid, though.


Submitted by la miller on 30 January, 2006 - 02:19
squirrel tracks
squirrel tracks

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