late december thoughts

Submitted by la miller on 27 December, 2005 - 01:41
painted walls
We celebrated [[w:December 15]] birthdays by painting on the dining room walls.

...Too long without posting again. Many things are happening around me and within me, and I'm resisting the urge to completely withdraw.

Old Mayan Art Uncovered

Submitted by la miller on 14 December, 2005 - 13:13
Mayan mural
NYT: "A detail from a vivid Maya mural depicting scenes of the creation story and, at the center, the maize god, who crowns himself king. The 30-foot-long mural was uncovered at the San Bartolo site in Guatemala." ([|photo]: Kenneth Garrett © National Geographic)

[|The New York Times] has a story on an old Mayan mural recent discovered. Scientists have dated the painting at about 100 B.C. It is apparently much older than other examples of Mayan painting that have been discovered.

Laura on KOPT

Submitted by la miller on 11 December, 2005 - 17:56

Here's a link to an [|interview] I did on KOPT -- Eugene, OR's "progressive talk." The topic is the article I wrote for work, "[|The Victory of Spin.]"

Commercial radio interviews are always a little bit upsetting to me. The hosts are usually so hyper-emotive that I end up talking loud and fast to match their over-the-top style. The commercials have been taken out of the podcast of the show. If you're serious about [|listening], be forewarned -- you'll have to register.

Buffalo & Sunflower

Submitted by la miller on 7 December, 2005 - 23:29
Stuffed buffalo at Gateway Arch, St. Louis
Deloria inspired in me the belief that it is possible for vast herds of buffalo to navigate prairie grasses and barrel through high fields of sunflowers again -- charging stalks, flinging yellow-fringed heads in the air. He talked of the buffalo's return in an interview called "Where The Buffalo Go" published in [|The Sun] magazine (Issue 295/July 2000).

Boxes, the Movie

Submitted by la miller on 7 December, 2005 - 22:51
boxes small
robot in ...Boxes, the Movie

The following experiemental film is poised to rock cinema to its foundations. View at your own risk.

and now...

minimal productions is proud to present...

...Boxes, the Movie

Victory of Spin

Submitted by la miller on 7 December, 2005 - 14:51

At long last, I'm back with another entry. My excuse: knitting. (Expect pictures soon.) Oh ... and I've had articles to write for work.

Bush Victory
President Bush at the U.S. Naval Academy on Nov. 30. ([|White House photo] by Paul Morris.)

Here's an excerpt from "[|The Victory of Spin]" posted over at my work website:

As the LA Times was reporting on the [[Lincoln Group]]'s media manipulation, [[George W. Bush]] was announcing to cadets at the U.S. Naval Academy the latest repackaging of the bloody mess in Iraq - the pollster-vetted "[[National Strategy for Victory in Iraq|Strategy for Victory in Iraq]]."

Using the now-familiar White House rhetorical technique of simple repetition to get its message across, [|The New York Times] reported Bush "used the word [ |victory 15 times] in the address; 'Plan for Victory' signs crowded the podium he spoke on; and the word heavily peppered the accompanying 35-page National Security Council document titled, 'Our National Strategy for Victory in Iraq.'" According to the Times, the speech's "relentless focus on the theme of victory strongly reflected a new voice in the administration: Peter D. Feaver, a Duke University political scientist who joined the N.S.C. staff as a special adviser in June and has closely studied public opinion on the war."

But unlike earlier media campaigns, the attempt to spin away Americans' sinking feelings towards the President and the war may not bear fruit. White House propagandists appear increasingly blinded by their own delusions, so out of touch with the grim realities in Iraq and Afghanistan - not to mention U.S. communities - that their ability to construct new propaganda is weakened.