Bury me where she passes by

Submitted by la miller on 25 October, 2005 - 17:26

Oh [[Condoleezza Rice]], my South Bend disco queen
on the scene, young and mean

mi condolencias for all your sons and daughters
fucked in the face, pimped on the base
mi condolencias for all those rapacious curs
cookie crumb clustered and blood caked fur

thud, a dud

Condoleezza ... dancing machine
with a stilletoed toe hold
on a throat coated in dry grit
eyeballs staring at a piece of shit

yeah, you can dance and you can lie
so who's saying "bury me where she passes by"?

Oh ... for the good old days

Submitted by la miller on 25 October, 2005 - 16:41
White House Royal Saturday Night Fever
Britain's Princess Diana dances with actor John Travolta at a White House dinner on November 9, 1985 (from [http://www.whitehouse.gov/president/gallery/photoessay/wh-life.html|WhiteHouse.gov] photo gallery).

I found this picture today on the [http://www.whitehouse.gov|White House] website, a favorite of mine. If you aren't familiar with its content, I suggest a visit. Always entertaining are [[Scott McClellan]]'s [http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/briefings/|press briefings].

breaking truth

Submitted by la miller on 14 October, 2005 - 01:47
[img_assist|fid=28|thumb=0|alt=mad sky 3]

breaking truth

in the arid cracked land near crawford
where bereaved gather
a little slip of water came from the clouds

campers caught by camera lenses
were transmitted and released
over airwaves, microwaves and wifi frequencies

they were perceived by distracted senses
and received by a few perusers
as lightening flashes

in the pantheon of trusted sources
aggressive rivers of distorting forces
pour forth and puddle in my inbox