where i work

Submitted by la miller on 31 October, 2007 - 15:29
greywoodgreywood building

I work in the aptly named Greywood Building. This morning was foggy -- very atmospheric. I tried to capture it with this photo.

Happy Halloween!

water power

Submitted by la miller on 23 October, 2007 - 02:08

I spent the weekend on the Oregon coast with some very kind and lovely folks. Here are some [http://www.flickr.com/photos/pollyannamedia/sets/72157602628481068/|photos] from the weekend.


Submitted by la miller on 18 October, 2007 - 02:24

[w:October 11] came and went. I couldn't shake the feeling that there was something significant about that date. A birth date of an old friend? No, something else. ... I generally remember dates. If I know you, I probably know your birthday. I remember anniversaries. I remember the year albums were released. I didn't have much time to wonder why 10/11 stuck in my brain, so I let it go. Then today, I remembered.

breaking us in two

Submitted by la miller on 4 October, 2007 - 00:13

In the soggy October night, I set out to fix a flat on my bike. Waiting for the glue to cure, I put on a [w:Midnight Oil] LP and poured a glass of red wine. Before I'd had my first sip, I noticed the subtle smell of old boyfriend nostalgia. The David Bowie I was singing earlier in the day should've been an early tip off to what was to come. Then, there was an email from the last guy that I read after work. ("...

mission accomplished

Submitted by la miller on 12 September, 2007 - 03:25

Greetings from la's den of division. This week's dividing focused on the separation of my stuff from the cardboard cartons and brown padded paper which contained it. Then the further sorting of paper, cardboard and trash. A maddening process if truth be told.

wait a minute, who am i?

Submitted by la miller on 3 September, 2007 - 17:39

Happy Labor Day! Things are swinging here at the Red Square Cafe. Laptop loafers, bagel-eating lunchers and neighborhood hipsters chill to a little downtempo. The baristas are sharing stories about eccentrically dressed clientele. (Where is that line? Super-short skin-colored shorts, tiny tank top, wing-tips and black socks -- on a man, who apparently usually shows up in roller skates -- apparently a too-much-information outfit.) And the iced Americanos flow! It's a blue sky, wispy cloud sunny day. I spy an old-fashioned donut with my name written all over it. (I don't know where they find the glaze-proof ink or how they get my name so neatly on there.) I'm having a hard time suppressing my smile. Yeah, it's a good day.

limbo communique #1

Submitted by la miller on 28 August, 2007 - 15:47

Do you know these guys? They're monsters. Don't listen to them unless they're telling jokes. Then you can listen, because they're quite funny. And it's a good thing to laugh these days.

akimbo in limbo

Submitted by la miller on 22 August, 2007 - 22:22



Etymology: Middle English, from Medieval Latin, ablative of limbus limbo, from Latin, border

1 often capitalized: an abode of souls that are according to Roman Catholic theology barred from heaven because of not having received Christian baptism

the old biography

Submitted by la miller on 22 August, 2007 - 21:24

From 2000 to 2006, Laura A Miller covered deceptive corporate public relations and government propaganda for the [http://www.prwatch.org|Center for Media and Democracy], serving most recently as editor of PR Watch Quarterly.