breaking truth

Submitted by la miller on 14 October, 2005 - 01:47
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breaking truth

in the arid cracked land near crawford
where bereaved gather
a little slip of water came from the clouds

campers caught by camera lenses
were transmitted and released
over airwaves, microwaves and wifi frequencies

they were perceived by distracted senses
and received by a few perusers
as lightening flashes

in the pantheon of trusted sources
aggressive rivers of distorting forces
pour forth and puddle in my inbox

the vox populi is popping
perking ears of laptop loafers
the modern order of broadside posters

snap-crackling fingers
fly over keyboards cataloging
headline crimes and adventures

wordily working over
shiny objects near and far--
ritual media operations

a rip tide
a glib ride around
mom and her supporters

shattered water glasses
soak today's passes
over yesterday's news

swelling streams of digital eyes
remotely grasped realities
flooding streets and cemeteries

winds are shaking
the levee's blowing
breaking truth is overflowing

--October 2005