Bury me where she passes by

Submitted by la miller on 25 October, 2005 - 17:26

Oh [[Condoleezza Rice]], my South Bend disco queen
on the scene, young and mean

mi condolencias for all your sons and daughters
fucked in the face, pimped on the base
mi condolencias for all those rapacious curs
cookie crumb clustered and blood caked fur

thud, a dud

Condoleezza ... dancing machine
with a stilletoed toe hold
on a throat coated in dry grit
eyeballs staring at a piece of shit

yeah, you can dance and you can lie
so who's saying "bury me where she passes by"?

Condoleezza ... South Bend disco queen
on the scene, lean and mean
and you can't lose with Ambassador [[Karen Hughes]]

weaving the dreams and illusions
over presidential collusions
spinning apoplectic dialectics between
jerky turkeys and chicken hawks and he who balks loudest
is the maddest mother fucker in the house

Ms. Hughes you're fucking truth black and blue
I can only hope you're getting thoroughly licked fine and true
Because I'd like to read in the daily paper
you saying "sex is good, baby, just practice it safer."

because in those enviable exploding positions
when you're exposed like a crustation critter delicious
you're infinite among sand grains and gripping clear strains of reality
beyond this patriotic banality

yeah, you can dance and you can lie
but who's saying "bury me where she passes by"?

so all you sitting in the situation room
while soldiers stand bored off their asses
or scared by the flashes of mortality
you can dance and you can lie
and you think it doesn't matter cause you aren't gonna die
but you're trapped in the sand and we'll pass you by

that's right we're seeking freedom and what's true
looking for the divine, cause it's the only thing to do
transported beyond the bunkers and barricades
beyond the window wells and basement action to real love, adventure, artistic creation and passion

yeah we can dance and we can fly
but don't bury us where she passes by