crossing country

Submitted by la miller on 22 August, 2007 - 21:00
august crossing: truck freight flows from dot websiteaugust crossing: truck freight flows from dot website; gray line traces my route

Even after spending 3 1/2 days cruising Eisenhower's [w:Interstate Highway System|interstate system], I still have a difficult time conceptualizing exactly what I've done to myself. Nonetheless, it's quite thrilling.

I saw my stuff today. It arrived, wrapped in brown paper or encased in cardboard cartons, in a semi-trailer. While I appreciate the rootless feeling that accompanies the fact that the majority of my earthly possessions now sit in an anonymous storage unit a couple of miles east of where I sit as I write this, I very much am looking forward to finding a place to call home.

'Til then, welcome to my [:limbo|limbo].