limbo communique #1

Submitted by la miller on 28 August, 2007 - 15:47

Do you know these guys? They're monsters. Don't listen to them unless they're telling jokes. Then you can listen, because they're quite funny. And it's a good thing to laugh these days.

Good news: I might have found an apartment -- the last one-bedroom in my new, sunny Pacific Northwest home. Keep your fingers crossed. I realize that me and half the midwest have moved out here recently, causing an apartment shortage. I apologize to all midwesterners coming here after me. You can crash on my couch (once I get one) while you're looking.

So, I'm learning to love my [:limbo]. It's like vacation, but you don't know when it'll end or where you'll be taking your suitcase to next. But you can get a tan (as long as its sunny) and catch up on your reading.

Geek alert: I'm loving [|Eat, Shoots & Leaves] by Lynne Truss. It's a book all about punctuation. I'm sure my posts will still be full of typos and sloppy comma deployment, but I'll know more about what I'm doing wrong. Quiz: is it "Truss's book" or "Truss' book"? Read it and find out!

I saw two enjoyable movies over the weekend: Knocked Up and Waitress. Yes, there's a theme; But (thank god!) I'm not pregnant. I recommend them both. Knocked Up is silly and clever. Waitress, especially due to [w:Adrienne Shelly]'s really senseless death, is bittersweet.

My lovely one-speed bike Good Vibrations and I have been rolling all over town -- up and down, hither and yon -- in search of apartments, work, entertainment, a good view, a good dinner, you name it. This is a bike town. We're loving it.

The monsters, by the way, I believe are still hanging out in an attic in Madison. I may have to create a few more to keep me company and tell me jokes while I'm hanging in limbo. I bet I know where to find some cardboard....

Did you see the moon last night? How were your dreams?

I've been having some pretty interesting dreams lately. Last night I dreamt I finally had found an apartment and started moving into it with a friend and his dogs. This is good, I think, because I view this particular friend as very stable and settled. I felt good and safe in the dream. I felt like I was discovering what it meant to have a home. And even though the apartment still seemed kind of temporary, I think I'm figuring out that home really does exist internally: in my heart, I am at home. Now that's good news.

Synchronicity alert: I painted the monsters in the month following the [w:9/11] attacks as part of a puppet show I wanted to do on the incident. There is a guy sitting right next to me in the cafe talking on his cell phone. What's he talking about? [w:9/11 conspiracy theories] and the like. He didn't start talking until after I chose the picture.

Now, why that picture? Well, I haven't being taking any pictures lately -- haven't felt like it. So, I looked in the photo archive and picked this one. I've always liked these guys. And I kind of miss them. Five years later, I'm still pulling out photos of monsters; he's still talking about the "put options."

Meanwhile, I can't email friends in France or Italy without knowing that the emails get caught in the big NSA net. ... At least Gonzales had to resign.