mission accomplished

Submitted by la miller on 12 September, 2007 - 03:25

Greetings from la's den of division. This week's dividing focused on the separation of my stuff from the cardboard cartons and brown padded paper which contained it. Then the further sorting of paper, cardboard and trash. A maddening process if truth be told.


I heard it's garbage and recycling night tonight. I do not know the recycling protocol of my new locale, but I can no longer tolerate the six foot tall pile of paper in what would otherwise be my dining nook. So as neatly as possible, I piled all the paper for recycling up on the curb and pray the kind waste management professionals will haul it away without complaint. Out of kindness and a slight hesitation to truly commit to this space, I'm saving the collapsed boxes for next week.


While I was itinerate, I often thought of how being away from my stuff was very freeing. In fact, I thought it was pretty cool not having my identity reenforced by my material possessions. I've come to realize there are parts of myself that I do want to reenforce. The box containing my meditation cushion is lost. That is something that actually is good for me. My watch is also MIA. I probably lost it before I even left Wisconsin. If you see it, let me know. (Being on time is another thing that is good for me.)

It's getting late, and I need to start getting up early again. Big news: I start work on Thursday. But since I just got the internet set up tonight at my new residence, I had to post something.