Submitted by la miller on 24 November, 2007 - 13:52

If I hide out at Cold Mountain
Living off mountain plants and berries--
All my lifetime, why worry?
One follows his karma through.
Days and months slip by like water,
Time is like sparks knocked off flint.
Go ahead and let the world change--
I'm happy to sit among these cliffs.
--[w:Gary Snyder], Cold Mountain

I've not quite made it to Cold Mountain, but I'm on my way. The path meanders through some islands up in northwest Washington state. Along the way I saw some snow capped peaks. I took a ferry boat to get to the island.

I can see water in a calm harbor from where I sit typing with a friendly calico cat on my lap. She's purring and resting her paws on my left arm. She looks out the window to see what birds are flying by or perching on the deck. I do too. I'm not sure how I'll bring myself to return to the mainland.