now where was I

Submitted by la miller on 21 January, 2008 - 03:58

I wish I could write I've been on [:node/351|Cold Mountain] this whole time. But I can't.

Since I last wrote, I've traveled by foot, ferry boat, car, bicycle, bus, airplane and limo --covering over 6000 miles sans camera. Life has been busy, enjoyable and social. Good stuff. No pictures, until today. Here are more [|photos].

I drove out to the beach alone this afternoon. It was a day just for myself. The drive out was beautiful and the coast sublime. Today I liked the mixing of water and sky. I was thinking again about where one thing ends and another begins: ocean and beach, mist and ocean, horizon and sky.

This idea in its most personal form goes something like, Where does myself end and the rest of the world begin? It seems I get happier when I expand the boundary out to be as vast as the ocean. Well, that's just a thought I have. And I'm not sure it I would have it just by hanging out on Cold Mountain. So, maybe it's good I've been getting around.

On a sad note, I need to acknowledge that the return trip included a big detour due to a car wreck in which 3 people were killed. I don't know more than that. The accident happened about an hour before I started driving back. May their families and friends be comforted.