Submitted by la miller on 16 March, 2008 - 14:39

It's fair to say I've been experiencing a lot of movement lately. But I'm not sure I'm on top of what it's all about. And I'm still slowly separating from my Madison ballast. More sorting and tossing and shipping of stuff. I can simultaneously feel that I don't need any of it and yet find priceless reminders of who I've been over the years.

I was talking to my dad and step-mom about how their moving out of the childhood home was progressing. It's been an ongoing idea -- a suggestion of a very big change for everyone. There is a LOT of stuff in that house. My step-mom, traditionally a collector and very nostalgic, is feeling responsible for not burdening someone else with the work of dealing with her detritus.

I think about being 70 and living in a 600 square foot space. That would probably feel very good. You won't be weighted down so much with your past that you couldn't enjoy the rest of your life. Like being able to walk and sit on the floor at that age, I think it's something I should start practicing now.

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