fort worden

Submitted by la miller on 10 April, 2008 - 01:42

Check out new [|pictures] from my weekend trip.


"I've visited this place in a dream," I remarked to my companion as we explored old military bunkers at [w:Fort Worden] on the Olympic Peninsula. It should've felt more profound. But really, I think I was just overstating things.

There really was one place -- as I stood there and looked at arch and stairs, I was reminded of a dreamscape from several years ago. I wrote the dream down in my journal, which I think is why I might remember it now. It was drempt close to an eclipse, I believe, or some other astrological event. I paid extra attention to my dreams that night.

Thematically the dream was typical for that period in my life: traveling with a group of people with some purpose. It's not a typical theme for me now. My dreams with groups are stationary. In waking life, I've become preoccupied with stagnation and the awareness of discomfort.

I liked seeing the woman doing tai chi on top of a bunker. I'd like to think that the image appealed to me for deeper reasons that a clash between an Eastern martial art and Western battlements. There's the contrast of alive movement with dead concrete. As I watched her, I thought she looked humble in contrast to the hard square angles. And I have a desire to do tai chi. I think it would be very nice to work on moving myself with such deliberate care.


I'm working on my stagnation. But it will take time.