a new world bravely - aka - leaving limbo

Submitted by la miller on 29 September, 2008 - 14:45

So as I write this, the stock market is diving and the House just rejected the $700 billion bailout plan. Still pretty early to see who's saying what in political blogland, but this is what I've got to say: step back and practice some detachment. These are very interesting times with the potential to be quite scary. Uncertainty is difficult for most people ... as is change. We are witnessing a lot of change -- condensed, fast and unpredictable upheaval, revaluation and reset.

Paying attention? Detachment doesn't mean ignorant or uninterested. So, pay attention.

My classes start today. This is my own personal little reset. I'm entering week four without a regular job. I just have an idea that I need and want to do something different with my life. And I've got to go out and discover what that is.

I hope no one is reading this blog because I plan to start writing here more often. I think I'll have more to say. Like, I've left limbo -- no more hanging around waiting for something to change. I've created the changes and the challenges for myself. And now, the financial collapse of the United States is looming and promising to create all kinds of challenges and changes for everyone else and add extra uncertainty to things for me, too.

Whoo-hoo. Watch me enter this new world bravely.