northwest passage

Submitted by la miller on 14 January, 2009 - 00:06

I've returned from my winter hiatus. There was snow. Lots of it. Enough to have me thinking about the nature of obstacles and my attitude towards them.

The cover of my new journal is a picture of a laughing Buddha in a snow globe. If only I'd contemplated that image as I stressed out about canceled flights, delayed buses, my snowed in car and road conditions up to the Washington Cascades. And now, just weeks later, all that is gone. Impermanence.

I'm not trying to trivialize the difficulties and dangers of snow. They are real. But snow as a metaphor -- how it blocked passage only to soon disappear -- relates to the current conditions in my mind. I'm trying to move forward in my life, but, Oh the insecurities and questions! Doubts like snow.

And the fog, which hovers over the snow-melt saturated ground, masks what's ahead. Still, I'm determined to pick my path and follow it, not so attached to outcomes as to covering new ground.

I've posted more winter photos over on [|Flickr].